Reinvent yourself, ok, but at the service of what?

Companies doing good for People and the Planet.

Inovora France specializes in helping companies with their repositioning & regrowth strategy : how to create growth guided by the company’s raison d’être (purpose) with the aim of regenerating People, Society and the Planet.

Doing good for People and the Planet requires us to take the time collectively to understand, devise and co-create new approaches.

Our seminars are all based on two areas: working together on powerful projects and creating  group dynamics to deliver them.

Being an expanding company is good but… being a regrowth company, useful with a positive impact on People and the Planet, is a much better!

It involves incorporating new essentiality, responsibility and community-oriented approaches into your corporate strategy and all of your actions.

We speak at conferences because, like you, we believe in collective intelligence.  We are at your side to help you to create presentations on the topics of regrowth of companies to benefit People and the Planet, the ‘8$ People’ requirement.


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We are entering a new age in which modern companies are those which act meaningfully, in order to benefit the planet and the largest possible number of people. No more over-consumption and depletion of the planet!