The book

The growth models of the last century are at the end of their course, as we know. The planet can’t take it anymore, and its inhabitants long for something else or are convinced that we are at the end of an era.

The thinkers of the moment talk to us about degrowth: is this the project that we want to leave as a legacy to our children?

Between growth and decline
there is a new way

There is a whole world and a new economy to reinvent. We are at the dawn of a new Renaissance. We need a new imagination, a new societal project based on social justice and respect for the environment, companies not at the service of themselves but at the service of society, new of action to enable our reinvention.

It is a question of vision, new balances and courage.
Today companies no longer need findings but “HOW”.

Serge & Laurence Darrieumerlou, co-founders of INOVORA France, wrote this book to make their contribution and lay down the fundamentals of powerful, thoughtful individual and collective action.

Let’s draw together the contours of a virtuous economy.

Reinventing yourself in regrowth: instructions for use.

Serge & Laurence Darrieumerlou are experts in business development and transformation strategies. Their interventions aim to support companies and people to find new dynamic balances that will allow them to effectively exploit the existing business, while exploring the future collectively.

In the dynamics of the release of their first book Taylor is dead – Lead your business transformation published in 2018 by ACTIVATE INNOVATION – firm of which they are the founders – , it seemed obvious to them that this was not enough; supporting companies in their development and transformation strategies today necessarily means: transforming to serve the coming world, a reinvented reason for being, a new social project and a new model of growth for people and the planet. Companies play an essential role in this transformation, they must be the first builders of the economy of shared prosperity.

This is why, in 2019, they created INOVORA FRANCE, a firm specializing in regrowth strategies, which is the subject of this book.