Conferences & interventions

Your tailor-made themes

We speak at conferences because, like you, we believe in collective intelligence. We are at your disposal to help you build a conference on the themes of the regrowth of companies at the service of People and the Planet.

Linear growth is good but… being a useful company with a positive impact for the Planet and for People is much better!

It means incorporating new approaches to essentiality, responsibility and solidarity at the heart of its corporate strategy and offering. How to become a Design for the Many® company?

Become a driven purpose company

This new status created in July 2019 questions the role of companies. Find out how you too can embark on the adventure of becoming a driven purpose company.

From growth to regrowth

The eras have changed. Growth search in itself is no longer enough. How a regrowth approach helps building a strategy that regenerates the company and increases its resilience.

Create your clients R&D

The client must be at the core of your company. But today, more than ever, he is also a citizen, a consumer-player, who is part of communities. He wants to co-create his products, to buy your brand as much for its values as for the quality or price of your products. How can you put this new player at the heart of your strategies, how can you involve him in your re-growth project?