Repositioning and Regrowth

Knowing where you came from in order to find out where you are going, for People and the Planet.

You firmly believe that you must consider the role of your company in a radically-changing world. You are wondering what your customers expect of you today.

Inovora France specializes in helping companies with their repositioning and regrowth strategy: how to create growth guided by the company’s purpose with the aim of regenerating People, Society, the Planet and the company itself. In this way, regrowth gives a sustainable breath of fresh air to your company and strengthens its resilience.

We can support you in:

Generating new questions which incorporate new societal and environmental paradigms

Devising your regrowth strategies 

Considering your company as a platform for action

Challenging or drawing up your CSR strategies

Rethinking your offer for regrowth

Managing 360° shared value creation

We can also help your company with its Design for the Many® strategic approach:

  • Defining your raison d’être (purpose) to benefit People and the Planet
  • Putting your raison d’être (purpose) at the heart of all of the company’s actions
  • Basing your development on the prosperity of your ecosystem
  • No longer being dependent on growth but seeking to create 360° shared value creation
  • Going beyond eco-design and rethinking your business model by developing  your offering and actions using new paradigms: ‘don’t use’,use  less’, ‘use full’
  • Considering how your company meets the requirements of « 8$ people » in developing countries
  • Rethinking your digital strategy so that it is Digital for good: digital used to create 360° shared value creation
  • How to adjust your industrial model in favour of local circularity
  • How to bring about this change at iso-cost.
Companies mainly focus on the richest 15% who hold 50% of the world’s wealth and disregard the 85% of the world’s population who have an average daily salary of 8$ .

There are 5 billion of these ‘8$ People’ today and there will be 6.5 billion in 20 years time. They represent astonishing potential for developing and creating 360° shared value creation .

They do not want charity from companies, they want companies to create new strategies which include them in their progress.

We help you, with our INOVORA INDIA DESIGN STUDIO subsidiary based in India (Ahmedabad), in devising strategies and products focusing on the ‘8$ People’.