Design for the Many®

Useful innovation for People & the Planet

‘Linear growth is good but… being a useful company with a positive impact for People and the Planet is much better!
It means incorporating new approaches to essentiality, responsibility and solidarity at the heart of your corporate strategy and offering.

It means leaving the ‘business as usual’ / CSR divide and deciding to adopt an overall approach:

  • Defining your raison d’être at the service of People and the Planet
  • Putting its raison d’être at the heart of each of the company’s actions
  • Basing the development of your business on the prosperity of your ecosystem
  • To get your company out of its dependency on growth & seek the creation of shared global value
  • Rethinking your business models & the development of your offers and actions under new paradigms: ‘don’t use’, ‘use less’, ‘use full’
  • How to rebalance your industrial schemes in favour of local circularity
  • Rethinking your digital strategy as ‘Digital for good’: digital used to create 360° shared value creation
  • How to carry out this mutation at iso-cost.

The objective is to go beyond ecodesign approaches, which are necessary but not sufficient to have an impact commensurate with your company’s raison d’être.

Design for the Many® is a methodology to push the thinking beyond the design of offers and products along 3 main lines:

  • Refocusing on the essential by concentrating on what people really need, simplifying offers and revisiting the principles of ‘simple design’ and ‘just enough technology’.
  • Working on responsible solutions that go beyond ecodesign by imagining designs that make possible more local manufacturing, more sustainable products with several uses, several lives.
  • Imagining solidarity solutions that also allow for enrichment for each individual at the place where he or she is.

Design for the Many®

Released spring 2021

We are entering a new age in which modern companies are those which act meaningfully, in order to benefit the planet and the largest possible number of people. No more over-consumption and depletion of the planet!